Common Myths About Rhinoplasty Busted

Common Myths About Rhinoplasty Busted

We are blessed to live in a world where everything is now possible. If you are not a fan of your nose well you can get the help of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore for this purpose. At present, rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly requested and performed surgical procedures in the world.

Given all the hype and popularity of this process, one might discern that we know everything that is there to know about it. But we couldn’t be more wrong. Despite it being one of the popular procedures, the number of myths surrounding this process is abundant. 

In this modern world, it is important to broadcast the right and well-researched information so that one can know all that is there to know about this process. 

Sit tight as we are about to dive deep into what is a myth and what is reality. 

Myth No 1: Rhinoplasty is a Procedure that Only Women Undergo

It is true to some extent that women are often the ones who are more attentive towards the matters of how they look. Thus it is a rather fair thing to say that a rich population of women undergo cosmetic or facial reconstruction surgeries. But with the changing times, this is something that is also changing swiftly. 

Nowadays men also opt to get these nose jobs done so that they can have a symmetrical facial construction. The main issue is that men are often not open to the idea of accepting that they are also self-conscious of such matters, as compared to the other gender. 

Apart from facial appearances, many men also choose to undergo this surgery because of certain medical complications such as deviated septum and narrowed nasal passages so that the process of breathing can be made easier. 

Myth No 2: It is a Painful Process

This is just a myth and nothing more than that. Nowadays, science is not only skilled but advanced to that stage where nothing is painful now. Be it the organ transplant or rhinoplasty science and scientific advancements have made the life of many an easier one. 

The procedure involves the implication of anesthesia depending on the nature and the complexity of the process. The surgeons will explain the process in detail and will make you comfortable with the workings of the machine. 

They are obliged to outline all the complications of the procedure so that the patient may be comfortable. Because one of the basic things is to make the patient comfortable. 

Myth No 3: It Makes Your Nose Look Fake

Well, this one mainly depends on the plastic surgeon who is performing the surgery. If they are passionate about what they are doing and take a keen interest in the things then there is no world where your nose might look fake. 

There are surgeons who are highly skilled at their craft and specialize in reconstructive rhinoplasty thus it is highly unlikely that the nose might look fake. 

They will explain the whole process to you according to the patient’s face. This helps with the anxiety and the person does not feel burdened or pressured at all. In addition to all this, it is the right time to ask the doctor if you have any questions regarding the surgical procedures and adjoining issues. 

Myth No 4: Anesthesia is a Dangerous Thing

It is important for people to realize the fact that anesthesia is a pain-preventing method that comes to the aid in several surgical procedures on a daily basis in the emergency rooms. And thus it is no wonder that this anesthesia is also used in the procedure of rhinoplasty.  

It puts patients to sleep and that is how they are able to overcome the thoughts that might be disturbing. This provides the doctors with freedom and the patients with comfort that nothing out of the world is happening to them. 

Myth No 5: Rhinoplasty is Mostly Covered by Insurance Plans

Okay, this is not entirely true and not entirely false. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of these surgeries. They would only pay for it if it is being done under the pretense of urgent physical issues. But in other case scenarios if a person is choosing rhinoplasty only for the sake of changing their physical appearance then it is very rare for insurance to cover it. 

Sometimes the patient might have a very genuine reason for it such as medical causes or other physical altercations then you have to talk it out with the medical healthcare professionals and the insurance companies.


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