Details About E-Way Bill

Details About E-Way Bill

be shifted online. Many new concepts were introduced. Amidst this, e way bill was also introduced. E way bill is a short form for the electronic bill. It is an online bill that facilitates truck drivers and other drivers of heavy vehicles to move goods worth more than Rs 50000 between states. It allows free and safe movement of good. E way bill system helps in fulfilling procedures related to the movement of goods between states in an easy manner. It makes the whole procedure online, less complicated, and faster.

Objectives for introducing an e-way bill-

E way bill was introduced to-

  • Provide hassle-free movement of goods
  • Make documentation for vehicles easy
  • Make the entire process faster
  • Make the procedure clearer and more transparent

The requirement of e way bill by people-

  • Registered for movements of good between states
  • Carry goods worth more than Rs 50,000
  • Inward supply by an unregistered person
  • Concerning the supply
  • Reasons other than supply

Features of e-way bill-

  • Users can keep in check the e-way bills downloaded by various dealers.
  • For multiple consignments, a consolidated e-way bill can be prepared.
  • User-friendly portal
  • Multiple modes to make the e-way bill
  • QR codes can be given for easily scanning

Advantages of e-way bill

  • Less documentation-

Earlier documentation involved a lot of paperwork that made the whole process tedious and difficult to handle. With an e-way bill system, online documentation has emerged. It frees one from the mess of physical handling of the papers and increases the chance of error. With this, with a code, the vehicle can be easily tracked and all the formalities related to vehicular movement within states can be easily regulated and kept in check.

  • Cost-reduction-

Online handling of documentation helps in reducing the overall cost of transactions. It saves money related to the formalities of paperwork. It also saves time in the long procedure of making documents and verifying them. It eases the whole process of movement of vehicles between states. It saves both parties from all long procedures and costs.

  • Efficient transportation-

The e-way bill allows trucks and other heavy vehicles to move freely. This encourages them to move freely and take up more trips. This increases the whole business. It improves this sector which will help in the overall growth of the economy. It helps in reforming this industry and encourages more earnings and developments.

  • No waiting period-

At checkpoints, long waiting procedures are completely ruled out. Clearance takes less time than never before. Clearing becomes easy. A code can be scanned and checked online and the places can be tracked. It saves time for both parties and helps in easing the process and performing it quickly and efficiently.

  • User- friendly portal-

The e way bill software developed for managing e-way bills has been made user-friendly. The truck drivers who have to use it are not too advance to use the app. But this app and system are made as easy as possible to make it easy for them to use. Every user of the e-way bill can easily download and verify the document with a few simple steps. Each e-way bill is numbered for unique identification. Thus, making the whole process user-friendly.

  • Easy and quick generation of e-way bill-

The e-way bill can be easily downloaded with a small code or a number. Every dealer, every user of an e-way bill can easily download the bill from the system and thus, saves one from the long procedures of transferring documents from one department to another.

However, it comes with certain limitations such as-

  • Poor internet facility-

The entire procedure of e way bill is carried out on an online platform. Its working, smoothness, all depends upon the internet. Thus, if the internet isn’t working at the time of need, it will spoil the whole procedure. It will mock the entire purpose of creating an e-way bill. So, ensuring a regular and fast internet connection is a very important consideration. Before starting the e-way bill, proper infrastructure for the internet is required.

  • Difference between states-

Some states are actively introducing e way bill, some are sticking to all procedures. There is no uniformity between states. That’s making the whole purpose of e way bill void. It is creating problems for truck drivers. They are facing hurdles due to uniformity between states and so try to avoid online procedures as much as possible.

  • Resistance to adoption-

People in the country are reluctant to adopt new technology. Online procedures are to be learned by people before using it. It becomes difficult to understand it so people avoid learning and using it. It becomes difficult to make people learn it when there is so much resistance against it.

Documents required for preparing an e-way bill-

  • Vehicle number
  • Invoice, bill of supply, delivery challan
  • Transporter’s id
  • Date of movement, amount of good to be transported

In certain cases, it is not necessary to get an e way bill like-

  • In case carrying gold, or other precious metal.
  • If the transporting of goods is by a non-motorized conveyance, it is not necessary to have an e-way bill.
  • Goods transported to or from Nepal or Bhutan.
  • While transporting empty cargo containers.
  • While transporting liquor.
  • While transporting petrol, diesel, or any other crude oil.
  • Certain goods specially exempted for the e-way bill by the government.

E-way bills have proven to be very effective and efficient. They are successful in easing out the whole process for the movement of goods between states. It has made the whole procedure clear and transparent. Over the period of time more and more states are readily acknowledging and starting to use it. The government is spending money to build the right infrastructure for the same and also for providing methods for people to learn to use the portal. When it will be properly implemented throughout the country, it will lead to the growth of industry and help in free and fast movement of goods across the states.


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