Honda EB10000 10 KVA Generator Price and Spec

Honda EB10000 10 KVA Generator Price and Spec

Overview: 10,000 watts, 120 / 240V. Honda commercial GX engine and heavy-duty frame. Complete GFCI Security. The OSHA Worksheet Compliant – Job Site meets emissions and safety requirements. 2 wheel kit and lift hook. 


The Honda EB10000 10 KVA generator Price and is designed to meet the needs of modern workplaces and residential sites. It is built on world-class technology and has a very smooth and compact design. The model is facilitated with electric start and offers a noiseless operation. A three-year warranty further enhances the benefits offered by the brand.

Size and Dimension:

The fuel tank capacity of Honda gas generator is 30.66 liters and its total weight is 182.7 kg. The exterior is cherry red in color and has dimensions of 141.9 x 67.8x 89.1. It has a 9. KVA rating. The product has a 10 Strength rating which is highly commendable.

Technical Features:

Honda portable generators require 1000 watts or 120/240 volts of power for their functionality. The product is also fully GFCI security. The design also includes a 2 wheel kit and a lift hook. The product provides you with the best fuel efficiency in compliance with the OSHA workplace. The product has the lowest noise rating among its peers in the market.


The Honda EB10000 generator is a perfect model for usability in the commercial and also the residential arena. It has a GX engine with a very strong and heavy-duty external frame. It also has an LCD monitor that will help you to track the performance of the machine and also clearly read out the signs that would indicate at the requirement of a servicing. The Honda EB10000 Genset also has the feature of low oil level shut off the alarm. This assures better service of the generator in the longer run.

Other Features:

The Honda EB10000 10 KVA Generator has the facility of USDA qualified spark muffler that ensures better protection to the generator and its surroundings.

Honda EB10000 10 KVA Generator Specs

Fuel Type: Gas
Cylinders 0
Phase 0
Warranty 3
Power Rating Range 10
Fuel Tank Capacity Range

Weight Range

30.66 Litres


Speed 0 rpm
Battery Capacity 0 Ah
Color Cherry Red
Style Portable
Displacement CC 630
LxWxH(Weight) 141.9×67.8×89.1
Rated kW 0
Rating (kVA) 10


The generators are the primary sources for the supply of temporary power during a power cut. A 10kVA generator is best for the use of small equipment for agricultural, construction, and domestic uses. You can easily start the generator and it consumes less fuel. Such compact design generators are used to supply electricity for commercial and small industrial purposes.


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