Pros and Cons Of Cold Calling

Pros and Cons Of Cold Calling

In order to promote your small business you may try different strategies. They include email marketing, social media posts and many more. Actually there are different ways by which you can reach your prospects and try to convert them. Cold calling is one of the most common ways that businesses are trying.

Cold calling is a process where business conducts sales calls to individuals in order to share their sales pitch. It is a good way to spread the name of business amongst those who are not aware, but most of the time such calls is unwanted. It is quite challenging to convince a person on the other side of a call to buy your product or services.

This is where the cold calling services are quite challenging. They need to contact unknown person and sell them something that they might not be looking for. Generally it becomes easier to sell something to a person that they need. When you calling someone about say, “chimney repairing services,” you never know whether they are interested in it or not! Thus, while it’s quite tough to sell something though cold calling, this mode of sales exists for quite some long time now. There must be something that makes it acceptable in the market. Let’s find out its pros and cons.

Pro: You may reach new customers

There are many individuals out there who may not even know that your business exists. They might not show interest in your offers. The main reason is that they do not know about you, thus it’s your duty to go and find them.

Stats show that about 82% of the sales meeting with a prospect is done after they had received a call from the tele-caller. Cold calling allows you to contact those customers in your business niche who may show interest in your product.

Con: You may annoy people

This is quite common because most people do not like getting calls from unknown sellers. Moreover, when so many sales calls are there everyday people find it very irritating to take out time from their job and talk about something where they are not interested at all! Sometime even an interested customer may be reached at a wrong time. This way they will alienate from your business.

Pro: Sales calls can be done anywhere

Normally in order to promote your product your sales team must be out in the marker but this is not true for cold calling team. They can operate from any place they want. Technology may have changed things a bit but if someone wants they can complete a call on a due time from any place. It’s not that they have to stay back in the office to make the call. Thus, you can find your sales team working even when they are at home or any other place.

Con: Results can be inconsistent

Cold calling sometimes bring success but the results are not consistent. Cold calling may do magic sometimes and at times it may not give a single scope. Thus, it is not viable to rely on cold calling totally for your sales growth.


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