Teal Swan – Guiding People Towards Physical and Mental Positive Transformation

Teal Swan – Guiding People Towards Physical and Mental Positive Transformation

Life is not a roller coaster ride of joy and happiness all the time. There are phases where pain, suffering, and sorrow dominate your world and take control. Misery becomes your best friend, and when the shadows close down on you, there is no place for escape. Men and women across the world are battling alone against many things. Some persist in the fight while others give up. They become weak and look for support from the world. This is why spiritual leaders have stepped in to don the role of leaders who lift people up and take them towards their true authentic selves. 

Teal Swan is an international speaker and a best-selling writer. She herself has overcome the challenges of childhood abuse, and as a result of it, she is now helping others to control uncomfortable truths and dark shadows that the self-help industry does not even talk about. Her mission is to bring positive change and transformation into the world so that men and women can rise above their suffering and march towards their true authentic selves with pride. 

Helping people with guided meditation, workshops, and her YouTube channel 

She wields the power of technology to reach out to her followers. She offers them free guided meditations for peace and tranquility. Meditation has the power and the ability to heal and calm the mind. Her mission is to reach out to her followers to gradually conquer the darkness and the troubles in life. 

Her mission is to bring positive change into the world by alleviating pain and suffering

She has the goal to transform human suffering towards an authentic and empowered life. She is the creator of the Ask Teal series aired on YouTube and has written six global best sellers. She is also the artist of more than 150 frequency paintings. 

Headway Foundation focuses on bringing in this positive change for everyone

Keeping in tune with the vision of bringing in positive change across the globe, she founded the Headway Foundation. This non-profit organization enables goals, ideas, and ventures targeted towards positive change in the world. 

Her childhood and its impact on her teachings 

She was born in Santa Fe in New Mexico on the 16th of June 1984 at 7.42 am. She is gifted with extrasensory abilities, and it is because of them, she was subjected to become a victim of severe abuse. She says that without this suffering or abuse she experienced, she would have been someone who would have landed up just sharing esoteric knowledge about the universe in general. 

She admits she would have had just a half of the real picture of human existence. She actually would have had no authentic grasp on human pain and suffering or even how to tackle it. The gift of her personal suffering makes Teal Swan unique, which drastically changes both what she teaches and the way she teaches in this world. 


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