Kindness is just rare these days or so we think, we often think about how cruel the world is and that is where we forget how the world is made of people and the people are us. If you have a friend or a relative with whom you have not heard in a long time then you can always send flowers to Bangalore or wherever they are living in right now.

There are people around you who could always make you happy and are there for your support and some have been supporting you through everything but there are times when they are sad as well, what you can do is that you can always do small acts of kindness and remind them that you are there.

Kindness is not only for your loved ones but for the strangers as well, you can always make them happy and remind them that the world is not so bad or as they perceive it to be every problem has a solution and every things that are going through will also pass and the sun will shine again.

You don’t have to go to the ends of the world to show your kindness, you can always take a little bit of help from the list below:


Now coffee is something that everyone likes but there is always someone who does not have the privilege to do so, you always buy a coffee for them. there are times when we witness the homeless walking around the streets just like that you can always buy a coffee for them as well. you may not realise but this gesture will make them smile and will make you realise how lucky you are to have many things in the world.


Well some of us just don’t think how much of a power the words can hold over someone, you can always give your loved one or someone in your office a little compliment with a genuine smile. This will just brighten their day up. this power of making a difference is there with less people and you can always do that. a compliment a day to make someone realise how special they are. Everyone deserved to feel special. So, this is something you can always go for.


Bring cakes and cupcakes for your co-workers or colleagues or surprise your long-distance relative with one. This act of kindness will just put a smile on their face and cake is known as a stress reliever as well. so you can always get one packed and just share it with your coworkers or maybe if you find that someone requires food then you could offer to pay for their meal. The food is something that you are getting but for them, that is also a privilege, so make a difference by being kind.


The fresh flowers are just magical, they can just make anyone smile and make them realise that they are always there blooming brightly. The fresh flowers are fragrant and nature most amazing creations so the person that you are giving them will just be happy and surprised by those. You can always go for the flowers, if the person that you are planning on giving the flowers is romantically involved with you then you could always go for the rose and tulips but if they are not then you can always go for the yellow ones which will just put a bright smile on their faces like sunflowers, yellow rose. You can always approach the best florists in Bangalore.


The smile is another way of reminding a person to be happy and the smile is also considered contagious, a genuine smile to your loved one with a genuine compliment is more than enough to remind them that you are there, this is another way of brightening their day.


This does not mean that you have to hold the door open for everyone who is there, you just have to hold the door open for the one’s who are entering before and after you. Most people don’t pay attention to others but you don’t have to be like that you can always remind them that you are there and this is one way of showing that you are courteous enough.

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