Best Indian Tech Bloggers

Best Indian Tech Bloggers

We apply technology in almost everything that we do in our daily life; we use technology for fabricating, communication, at work, transportation, getting the hang of, ensuring about data, scaling associations, and essentially more. Technology is human data that unites devices, materials, and ways. In fundamental terms, on the cutting edge of 2020, technology blogs are the most visited site on the planet. In digital time, individuals are exceptionally fascinated to learn new tech tricks and tips and gain proficiency with all the tips and tricks related to technology to save time. Through this article, you will study a few tips and tricks that will help you in saving time. The role of technology in our life, technology makes life simple, enjoyable, and progressively beneficial. Simple because it makes our work fast, efficient, and light. Pleasant because technology presents approaches that are pleasant and attractive. It is increasingly productive because technology makes our work cost-productive and faster. There are some Indian tech bloggers:-

  • Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agrawal is the founder of the blog “Shout me loud” which is one of the best tech blogs in India. He is famous for the data gave in his articles. He is an engineer according to his education and blogger by his occupation. Harsh Agarwal is a person who explains on Tech, its occasions, and so forth. Before turning into an expert blogger, he used to work with Convergys. While he was going to join Accenture, he decided to work for himself and began blogging full time. There is so a lot other data additionally gave by Harsh Agarwal in his blog. Proceed to check his blog to know new things about tech. His enthusiasm is blogging and under “shout me loud” tech blogs in India, he writes on subjects like making money online, blogging tips, WordPress, Web equipment, SEO, etc.

  • Aniruddha

Aniruddha is also one of the top blogs in India. She is the writer of “Tech2 Touch”. This is a blog having all the data concerning the tips and tricks related to tech, excel word, smartphones, and some more. This is a technology blog India that you can study if you need to have information about tech tricks about Tech. In this manner, the articles gave in his websites are educational and simple which means these are easy to understand. Her article could be very useful for you if you are interested to know about more tech tips and tricks.

  • Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha is the 7th best blogger in the list of Indian best bloggers and influencers. Before starting a technology blog in India, he has been moved from IIT Roorkee, and IIM Bangalore and has worked in organizations such as Yahoo, I2 Technologies, and IBM, where the center was an item officer. After each of these tasks, he started his blog in 2007, and named the blog “Pluggd”. After a few years, he re-marked his blog and gave it the next big what. He is a blogger who passes all the data related to Tech, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurship, Business.

  • Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada is also one of the best Indian bloggers in the field of tech blogs in India. The name of his top tech blog in India is “9 lessons”. He gives every single data related to programming. A portion of the themes secured by his blog is PHP, Ajax, and other web designing projects. If you need to find out about programming, at that point you should refer to his page. He clarifies in basic language about each part of programming. In this manner, his month to month assessed salary is around 20,000. He is also the founder of the new wall script.

There is also a tech blog called Future with Tech. This is a blog that gives all the data identified by technology and its opportunities. If you are looking for websites like this that give all the data related to tech, then at that time you can use Future with Tech Blog website. Along these lines, the tone of the articles is basic and simple which means that it is easily understood by individuals. Go ahead to study this blog if it meets your needs.

Tech With Future is the perfect blog that will meet the needs of individuals. This is a blog with original and useful articles, everyone will get familiar with things related to tech in detail from this blog. The best part of this blog is that it keeps you updated with all the new tricks related to technology.


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