Want to set up your Roku Streaming Stick? Here are the steps

Remember the long-gone days when you were rushed to your television to watch your favorite shows as they aired? In case you came into the show late or missed it entirely, you were out of luck unless the show played again. But with the development of technology and new streaming devices, you can now watch whatever you want at any time on your TV. One such device is Roku streaming stick. Just activate it using roku.com/link web address.

Roku streaming stick provides support for resolutions up to 1080p Full HD and comes with an Enhanced ‘point-everywhere’ remote control. This post will describe the streaming player in more details and summarizes the setup steps. So, what are you waiting for? Just sit back and read the full post.

Does Roku streaming stick work with my TV?

Roku streaming stick can work with any television with an HDMI connection. It connects directly to the HDMI port of your TV. But what if your streaming stick doesn’t fit in the HDMI port of your television? In this case, get a free HDMI extender cable. After setting up the device, your Roku TV play AVI which you can enjoy in a hassle-free manner.

Setting up Roku streaming stick

Go through the steps below to set up your Roku device:

  1. Select a language

When the streaming stick turns on, the first screen lets you choose a language. All options and dialog within the Roku app will be shown in the selected language. After that, scroll down through the list and press Ok button on Roku remote to select a language.

  1. Connect the streaming stick to the internet

A list of the available networks will appear on the screen. Simply select any WiFi network and type the password. In case you don’t find your wireless network, choose scan again option to see all networks. To find your wireless network name and password, you can click on the option show password or hide password as per your convenience.

Doing so will prevent you from entering the wrong password. Keep in mind that the passwords are case-sensitive.

As soon as you enter the password, click on connect button. The streaming stick will automatically make a connection with the internet. In case you fail to connect to your WiFi network, take help from our experienced technicians. We can also help you in activating your Roku without credit card.

  1. Wait for Roku streaming stick to download the latest software

As soon as you connect to the internet, the streaming stick will take some time to start up as it downloads the latest update of Roku OS software and then reboots.

  1. Set the display type

Click on set display type option. You can allow your streaming device to auto-detect the best display resolution. No need to manually configure the settings anymore. All you have to do is simply select the display type option via settings. In case you get purple screen Roku, try changing the display type or get in touch with our experts.

  1. Create a Roku account and activate your device

To activate Roku without credit card or with it, you must need a Roku account. It keeps a record of which Roku devices you own and installed channels on them. With this, you can also add free or paid channels on your media player.

After that, there will be a Roku link code displayed on your TV screen. Note If roku.com/link not working on web address. Enter the code into the given box.

Now, follow the steps presented on the screen and set up your Roku streaming stick with ease. You are all set to use the streaming stick.

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