Fantasy Kabaddi- Earn Extra With Your Passion!

Fantasy Kabaddi- Earn Extra With Your Passion!

The entire world seems to be running after some extra income for their living these days. As the scarcity of sources of earnings rise, so does the rate of inflation in the world. Thus, earning some extra bucks and that too from your knowledge and passionate gaming is not a deal to spare at all. Nobody, be it a student or a job person would mind earning an extra income while enjoying his craze for sports and gaming.

Fantasy gaming is the platform that has made the sports a much more interaction-based and helps to convert the passive sports fans to the active ones. One can always go to online websites or the apps that provide an online platform to showcase the talent for gaming. In the world of this fantasy gaming, there are huge options of games to choose from like the cricket, hockey, carrom, badminton, football, etc. out of which the fantasy kabaddi is one of the sports that seem to have an exponential rate of liking nowadays. Various apps have been leading platforms for the best online fantasy kabaddi for a long time. One can easily search for the best fantasy kabaddi games apps on the internet and enjoy the game of virtual kabaddi anytime and anywhere.

Talking in detail about the game of fantasy kabaddi, it is a fantasy sport in which a team needs to be built by the players to compete against each other, based on the statistics generated by professional players of the kabaddi game. A kabaddi squad usually consists of 9 players that have to be chosen by the player going for fantasy kabaddi.

Some of the important details of a fantasy kabaddi game on an online portal are as enumerated below:

Team structure:

  • The team structure for most of the top fantasy kabaddi leagues is usually a very simple one comprising of usually 2-3 Raiders, 2-3 All-rounders and 3-5 Defenders.
  • These players are bought or owned using a virtual budget of 1000 gems in the gaming portal.
  • A squad can be teamed up by having 5 players from the single team.

The Scoring Pattern:

  1. The points scored for the team by an attacker:

The team will receive 2 points as the touch-point. A touch-point is the score earned by the attacker every time he crosses the centre line towards the other team and touches a player. The 2 points are awarded for touching a player each time. A player also gets 1 point every time he crosses the bonus line. This point is awarded as the bonus-point. The team also can earn 2 extra points in the name of super raid-point. This point is awarded as the collective reward for super raid, bonus and touch-point per players.

  1. The points scored for the team by a defender:

There will be 4 points for every tackle by the defending player of the team. Also, in case of a super tackle by the defender of the team, the team gets awarded with a total of 6 points.

  1. The points scored for the team as bonus points:

The team will get -3 points for each yellow card. There will be an additional -4 points for each red card and -2 point for each green card. The team will get 2 extra points as the winning bonus. But, in case of the tie of the game between the two teams, no team stands in the queue for earning this bonus points of 2 scores. The team also gets a chance to win the bonus points in the form of 2 points for perfect10, 6 points for fantastic15 and 8 extra points for the terrific20. The rewarding bonus in the name of Perfect10, Fantastic15 & Terrific20 is given to a player if the total of the attacking or the defending points is more or equal to 10, or 15 or 20 respectively.

 The legal aspect:

  • These fantasy kabaddi portals are legal and true in all aspects and provide a platform for sports fans to utilize the knowledge and their passion for sports in the best virtual way.

Major decisions involved:

There are various decisions that a player needs to take related to its selection of the fantasy kabaddi as follows:

  • The decision to select the attackers: At the time of creating the team, the individuals have to select a minimum of two and maximum of three raiders. This selection must be made upon their performance in the matches and at the time of choosing them, previous records must be considered. The attackers must never be picked from a single team. It must be kept in mind that the raiders that have good attacking record must be paid as it will help in scoring.
  • The decision to select the defenders: At the time of creating the team, there must be a selection of a minimum of three and maximum five defenders. Attacking lineup must be considered at the time of choosing the defenders. Background checks is a very important step to be performed at the time of choosing them and the individuals must focus on making one of the defenders as the star player or as the captain.
  • The decision to select the star player and captain: This is the most important decision because they help to fetch more points in comparison to other players. The star player will help to get 2X points where is the captain will help to get 1.5 X points so, such decisions must be made very wisely. In case the team has good attacking players then he or she must also be considered as making the star player or the captain. A recommendation by the experts is that defenders must never be made as to the star player but the good ones can be considered as captain. Another important thing to be considered is that they both must not be from a single team because there are very low chances of good performance in such a case.

Therefore, fantasy kabaddi can give the millennials a secure and safe platform for enjoying their loved game of kabaddi in their leisure time and helping them win some real cash points. The internet has helped in searching the best fantasy kabaddi league app in just a few clicks. Fantasy gaming is thus a full-fledged package providing them with a real sporting experience with some virtual thrill and action on-field.


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