How does Cloud Computing make the difference?

How does Cloud Computing make the difference?

Lately, we have heard a lot about “cloud computing” or “online data storage” and it seems that more than a trend, it is already a reality, not only for individuals but also for companies. But what exactly is it and what benefits does it bring to the industrial sector.

It is a technological model that allows companies and individuals to access a set of computing resources (both software and hardware) in a ubiquitous, personalized and on-demand way through the Internet and can be quickly configured and released by a specialized provider which is in charge of managing them.

The cloud computing raises the possibility of using customized software solutions through the internet without the need for computer servers or experts who are responsible for installing, maintaining and updating them. Cloud computing training in Abu Dhabi increases the awareness towards the cloud security.

Below, we summarize in 6 points, the main characteristics of cloud computing that make this system a different model compared to conventional systems are:

  • Pay only for what is used. Companies pay only for the use of cloud resources (software solutions, data storage services, etc.), without additional costs, thus avoiding investments in infrastructure or license acquisition costs.
  • Outsourcing. It allows companies to outsource the management of computing resources to a specialized provider. In this way, companies eliminate the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of their own IT infrastructure and can focus all their resources on activities of their core business.
  • Multifunctionality. Companies choose the system functions they need at all times.
  • Multi-user. They allow the different users of a company to consume the services of the same platform.
  • Self-service on-demand. Users can check the capabilities of the service without consulting the provider.
  • Unrestricted access. Ubiquitous access to services anywhere / anytime and with any device with Internet access.

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