How To Arrange A House According To Vastu?

How To Arrange A House According To Vastu?

Vastu shastra is a kind of a traditional science of architecture which is being practiced for many centuries now. The basic principle of it is to integrate the architecture into five natural elements called water, fire, sky, air and earth.

One must ask the best vastu consultant if they are building a new house or an apartment so that the every aspect of directions can be considered. Home is where the happiness is. Hence one must design their own personal space in such a way and according to their preference so that one finds most comfort when they are staying there. If one follows a few highly recommended vastu tips while building and arranging their house then it can bring a lot of positivity in their lives.

For Entrance and Doorway

The entrance of the house must have a free flow of positivity and energy. This is of great importance according to Vastu because according to their study all positivity flows into the house through the entrance. Hence the doorway must face towards the north, east or to the north east direction. The main door of the house has to be appealing enough and it has to be built with a strong and durable wood. The length of the main door also has to be greater as compared to the length of the other doors. The entrance of the house has to be well lit and if there is an empty wall outside the house then one can place a Ganesha frame or an idol there because it can bring prosperity in the house. The main door should never be black in color and one needs to get an attractive nameplate so that it can be placed at the main door.

For Living Room

Here one spends time with the family members; welcome their guests, relatives and friends. This place has to be tastefully designed and one has to make a clutter free living room. One can place a wind chime with metal balls on the windows there and some hand painting pictures on the walls. According to vastu studies, placing and aquarium with active and healthy fish in the north eastern corner of the room can be a great idea. Heavy things like the couches, sofa sets and divans can be placed at the south west corner of the room while the electrical appliances has to be placed at the south east section of the room.

For Bedroom

This is one’s personal haven where one can enjoy their own time and it is the most private space for one. It is said the south west direction of the house is the ideal place for the bedroom location because it can have a positive impact on one’s life and usher upon good health. If there is a mirror in the bedroom it must not reflect the bed. Also, if it is a couple bedroom then they must use a single mattress.

Balcony or Veranda

If it is in the east or the north east direction then it is said to bring positive energies in the house. But if it is in the south west direction then it can enhance negative energies and that is why one must avoid keeping the balcony on that side. If there is already a balcony on that side it has to be covered. According to vastu the roof and floor of the balcony has to be a bit lower than that of the main building. Also a balcony should not have any arches and so one must take attention that the shape of the balcony should not be rounded. If one wants to keep plant and flower pots on the balcony they must be small in sizes. Since most people like to have a dedicated section to keep shoes while entering the house, it is ideal to place a shoe rack in the balcony. But according to vastu, one must never do that because it can bring negative energies to the house. One must keep it inside the house and definitely not at the entrance.

Vastu shastra expert in Gurgaon can help one with more specific tips as each house is different from the other.


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