The role of lightning arresters in your protection

The role of lightning arresters in your protection

Many people think they can alone manage their home but a home is constructed with the combined efforts of so many people. These people include constructors, architecture, plumbers, and electricians. Every person plays its own job as well as the duty and no house is complete if any one of them is not there. The electric fitting is the most crucial as well as risky work which only experts in this field can perform. Anyone other than them if even tries to do will fail. That is why we need to hire experts and experienced people for this job.

Any wrong step of them can affect the whole safety of your home. That is why you must use high-quality products or the materials in case of electrical fitting as your one mistake can come as a life danger in front of you one day. Lightning arrester installation plays a very important role in the safety for you. They are considered as a protection device. They are used in the buildings, towers, and in transmission poles, etc. These are placed external to the panel board. They come in many types like multi gap, horn gap, pallet kind of arresters, and so on. Lightning arresters are important and we must install them in our homes or at every place. We will discuss some of the reasons why you should install it:

  • It will help you in property protection: almost every one of us spends so much on our homes and we can’t bear the loss of any type of damage to our property. That is why the best quality materials are preferred so that they can help in minimizing the risk of any type of loss. A lightning arrester is also one of its which is used for this purpose. It can protect your place from any type of damage in the structure caused by lightning etc. you can save your money on the lateral losses by installing it at your place. 
  • Preventing any type of damage in the wires or in lines: many people commit a mistake of taking the lightning installation system a lighter one. They have no idea how much it can cost you after the damages. It can disturb your whole lighting system. The lightning arrester is also used to protect the various cables and wires outside your house which can be affected. You must do efforts to protect your place from any type of damages due to the electric surging etc.
  • Avoiding the problem of electric surges: many people are aware of the lightning problems that they can face in their homes or in their offices. But they are not aware that lighting can be of different types which may include lower density surges or high-density surges. The smaller arresters are also available in the market which will be used to protect the smaller electric surges. Outlet surges can cause material damage as well as they are hazardous to your life. They also lead to breaking down of appliances at your place either it is your refrigerator or your LED. 
  • Eliminating the risk of electromagnetic changes: there can be different electromagnetic changes or interferences which can affect the working of the different appliances in your place. But the use of lightning arresters can help you to present those changes and then in turn the damages. Many people say that they can spend money on repairs. Sometimes the loss caused by these changes becomes irreparable that means you have to buy the new one. You can save so much of your money by installing just a lightning arrester. 
  • Best among them all: there are so many types of electrical instruments available in the market which is used to get protection from any other loss caused by lighting surges etc. But the lightning arrester is considered as the best among them all by the electricians. They prefer the installation of this component at every place. The electrical fitting is more prone to risks of surges, anomalies, etc that is why they need to be protected by using such components. 
  • Handling and installing is easy: the handling of a lightning arrester is very easy and they can be easily installed. They will definitely take care of any abnormalities in the system.

So, these are the following reasons that will force you to install the right lighting arrester at your place. The absence of lightning arrester may lead to many problems and damages like:

  • The risk of life as well as affecting the health of the members in case of any uncertainty. 
  • A material loss of the damages of the electrical appliances which will break down in the absence of lighting arrester due to lightning. 
  • Monetary loss: as you have to bear the loss of every damage caused to either your property or the electric appliances.

You can eliminate all these risks and losses by installing the best quality lighting arrester. These lighting arresters are not directly installed at your place after manufacturing. They have to undergo through various testing which will ensure that they are safe and ready to be used for this purpose various tests are conducted. Some of the tests which are conducted for the testing of the lightning arrester are:

  • Use of visual inspection
  • Use of thermal imaging testing
  • Use of power factor testing
  • Use of dead earth testing 

These testing methods can be used to perform the testing of the lightning arrester. They are beneficial as they can help you know that is it working properly and is it able to manage the electrical surges etc. many people try to skip this component to save little money but they have no idea that skipping this component can cause so much danger and loss of money in case of any uncertainty. There are many lighting arrester suppliers available who are offering the same product and features to the customers. But you must choose yours wisely so that you have to regret it later.


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