Ram V Chary Provides a Few Pointers To Graphic Design Beginners

Ram V Chary Provides a Few Pointers To Graphic Design Beginners

Graphic design is a flourishing field that can be particularly ideal for creative individuals. But one must not anticipate becoming an expert designer within just few weeks of dabbling in design. Graphic design is a pretty competitive and important field.  One must try to take proper guidance and advice from already experienced designers like Ram V Chary while trying to get into this field. Doing a few months long internships at graphic designing or advertising companies can also be pretty helpful. With consistent practice, one will be able to develop a strong graphic design skill set.

With the right guidance and skills, even non-designers can get started on their journey of gaining practical graphic design skills. Even if their work does not look as polished and professional as they hope for in the beginning, there is nothing to worry about.  With adequate practice and consistent effort one would surely become proficient in the field with time. Here are a few tips that can be helpful for graphic design beginners:

  • Keep it simple: The most important thing any graphic designer can learn is to keep things simple. There is nothing worse than a design that is too overwhelming and difficult to understand.  The secret to good design is not to stuff as many graphics and elements into the design as possible. On the contrast, people should try to achieve a balance between aesthetic appeal, and try to get their message across as effectively and clearly as possible.
  • Select the right fonts: The clarity in readability and design is extremely important. One needs to ensure that they do not restrict their designs to a single font only. They must, in fact, try to experiment with multiple styles of fonts, and subsequently stick to a unique style that goes perfectly with the project they are working on. It is better to explore diverse opportunities rather than selecting the dull default fonts.
  • Make the colors pop-up bright: For the purpose of capturing the attention of the viewers at a single glance, it will be a good idea to use a color pop technique. This technique particularly comes as a huge advantage when the text amount is short, and making the utmost impact is important. High contrasting palettes like black, red, and black or yellow work quite well. One must properly check the cohesiveness of their design and try to put an ideal impression.
  • White space use should be smart:  White space is extremely valuable in graphic design as it allows the designers to showcase their simplicity. While executing text on a big canvas, choosing a high-quality typeface, centralizing the type, and leaving the rest of the canvas white can create quite an impactful look.

To gain further insights into becoming a good graphic designer, one can always check out the blog created by Ram V Chary. Among other things, one also needs to make sure that the quality of images remains absolutely consistent throughout a design. Style, proportions, lighting, and framing of multiple elements must be consistent n a design.


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