Is work experience necessary for MBA? Know what experts say

Is work experience necessary for MBA? Know what experts say

Those who want to have command on a subject especially in administration prefer to go for the course of MBA. It has a variety of specialization subjects and hence one can go for any of them as per his choice. The course is designed in a way that can help one to succeed in practical life. However, in the practical field the employers prefer experienced people and hence there is a question that emerges in the mind of students that is work experience necessary for MBA. The answer to this question is a little tricky and hence one needs to know a few of the things first. 

Is work experience necessary for MBA?

Well, it depends on various types of jobs and the skills required for them. As per the experts in the market there are jobs which need not only skills but also experience. With the help of the study and training one can gain knowledge and understand the subject well but when it comes to having practical implementation one needs to apply skills which can be achieved with the help of time and experience only. Hence the jobs where one needs to have higher position and decision making power, it is necessary that one has enough experience of the required field. 

How to get experience? 

Another question emerges as if everyone asks for experienced people than how the freshers will gain experience. Well, to understand this one needs to join any organization at a basic or introductory level and learn various things with the time. He can gain little experience of a segment and then move ahead in the same segment or something relevant to it. Thus, with the time one can get the experience and also the position that needs experienced person. 

Is it needed to have an experienced person only?  

The answer to this question is not that easy as one thinks. There are many fields where the business needs to deploy a person who is aware of business tricks and techniques which are result of experience in the field. Many times the unawareness of a person of such tricks can damage the business to a good extent. To handle the people, unions, authorities, vendors etc one needs to have patience and skills of answering diplomatically. These skills are not taught in any business school. They are learnt with the experience in the real field only. As the business needs such person, it asks for one who has enough experience. In many cases where such skills are not needed they do hire the fresher also. Hence it is needless to blame that only experienced people can get chance and fresher are not provided with enough scope. 

The simple rule here is when one knows nothing about the respective field and business, the best way is to gain experience by joining at a basic level discourse. This can help him gain the most important aspect of his career which is experience and with the same he can move ahead in life and career. 


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