The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Is Almost Everywhere- However, Are TheNon Surgical Nose Job Safe Enough

The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Is Almost Everywhere- However, Are TheNon Surgical Nose Job Safe Enough

Having inherited the nose rich in a character, boldly unbutton-sort and angular in a profile,  numerous people go on to take the special interest in a rise of the non surgical nose job, or, call it, “liquid rhinoplasty”. It is simply the injection of the HA filler that is, hyaluronic acid filler into one’s nose to tweak the shape temporarily. You may have gone on to see the before and after online-a few of ‘em shockingly transformative, that one could easily be mistaken for the classic rhinoplasty results.

Most of the transfixing are generally the images of the noses that somehow, quite magically, look smaller after it is being shot up with a sugar gel. Like…how? This very fix has sat atop one’s beauty bucket list for the months now.

The Rise of Nonsurgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job or call it Liquid rhinoplasty, as seen on numerous social media sites, appears to be very quick and a lot easy thing — however, it is not the treatment that is to be taken very lightly.

Complications may happen and are already increasing all over the board as the process gain its popularity, and the qualifications of the injectors become more questionable and the risks are quite often overlooked or ignored, which is again a huge disservice to the patients, and, honestly, just plain unethical.

Quick facts


  • The non-surgical nose job is also called the liquid rhinoplasty.
  • The process includes injecting the filler ingredients, such as the hyaluronic acid, right under your skin for a temporary change that goes on to change the structure of one’s nose.

The Safety

  • The plastic surgeons believe this kind of nose job as efficient and a lot safer, though there stand the possible complications.
  • The common and usual side effect is redness.


  • The non-surgical rhinoplasty is the outpatient process, making it a lot more convenient when compared to surgical alternatives.
  • The trained provider may do the process within 15 minutes or even less.
  • In a few cases, you may find yourself in a position where you get back to work on the very same day.

The Cost:

  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty is comparatively less expensive than that of traditional rhinoplasty.
  • It somewhere may cost you between 600 to 1,500 dollars.

What You May Expect Post-Treatment

After the liquid rhinoplasty, one may see swelling, pain, and the redness where the injection was injected. Within a time of an hour or two, the injection will start to settle down. The redness would also start to subside, you will be able to see the desired results better now.

Final Words

Bring the ice pack to your use after the appointment. Inquire your doctor whether it is OK to utilize it to lessen the redness and the inflammation.

Results may well be fully evident within a gap of a week or two. The redness or the bruising should thoroughly subside by the time.


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